Method Health Designer

T. Pivovarchuk Vladimir Savelievich, doctor psycho-therapeutic, teacher-valeologist, vice-president of the All-Ukrainian association of the integrative psychosomatic medicine.

For many years I have been engaged in the extra weight treating. I prefer methods of teaching against extra weight as they are the most effective for today. I’d like to tell about new method against extra weight called complex method “Health Designer” TM. This based on the integrative medicine-ideology and methodology of the health-protection reforming in the XXI century in which special attention is paid to integrative complex approach of the teaching and treating to the operation with consciousness by the methods of education, teaching, pedagogies. The analysis of the effectiveness of the official medicine for the 30–40 years showed limited nature of the narrow-specialized model of the health protection opportunities.

To the WOHP experts’ opinion in the limits of this model the effectiveness of the increased for the examined period in 5 – 7 % and the treating in 5 – 7 % with the rising in price by tens, hundreds times accordingly. In this connection the last 20 years (1985–2005) the leading universities of the USA – namely Arisona university, Duke university in Northern Caroline and Harvard university work out and introduce into practical health protection new modal of the medical aid’s rendering – integrative medicine.

The priority of the integrative medicine as the general ideology of the health protection was released by the confinement of the conciliatory protocols between the coordinators on the integrative medicine in the USA and the authorities of number of the Pan-American associations i.e. cardiology, cardiosurgery, gastroenterology, nephrology in 2005. Then main objective is the working out of the medical aid new standards’ for the nearest ten-years with the appropriate changes on directions and the financial flows volumes’ in the system of the medical aid rendering. My method was included into the first in Russia and the whole post soviet area monograph (author Pertsernych S. A. medical sciences doctor, President of the Interregional Association of the Integrative Medicine, head of the section “Integrative Medicine” of the St. Petersburg society of the therapeutics named after S. P. Botkin) developed to the ideology and methodology of the XXI century health protection i. e. integrative medicine.

The special attention in the monograph is being given to the integrative complex approach to the health’s managing, education, pedagogies and integrative medicine, to learn to be healthy, to learn to manage the health.

Following the integrative medicine I can judge about all existing methods of the extra weight treating proceeding from next items:

  • — does this method agree with the modern demands of the medicine together with the teaching education;
  • — what will be able man to do, to know, to understand in accordance with his health, will he be able to manage his health, and the weight’s worm?
  • — does the method have long-termed prospects?
  • — what will happen to the organs, to every cell to every nerve in the growing thin process?
  • — can the method not sloe tempo of the organism exchanging process;
  • — when type (kind) will the skin have? Will the wrinkles not be added?
  • — what kind of the endocrine background will a patient have by the end of the therapy?
  • — in what wag will be changed psychological directives and food motivations.

And the essentials

In what state will the patients’ health be in the case the ideal weight is achieved? The method – Health Designer uses the integrative medicine methodology and ideology and eliminates such imperfections of the narrow-particularized medicine as:

  • — when the teaching’s strategy uses low level of the development of health’s culture of population, and the preserved in the socially consuming, possessive attitude to health;
  • — when every single individual has low hygienic skills and there is now personal responsibility in the some of health’s preservation and strengthening;
  • — treatment is the managing by the physician: by this patient himself does not think, that is, does not manage his health, what forms the patient’s directive the treatment depends only upon physician;
  • — usually patient does not receive recommendations, instructions from the physicians how to manage his health his weight independently;
  • — knowledge as how to influence on one or another cause that led to extra weight are being left the knowledge for the psycians and are not being understood by the patient.

Goethe once said: “Only things we understand become our property”.

And such vital questions:

  • — will the patient remain with the assurance that patient is the synonym of health?
  • — will the patient consider as before that “unloading” and hungry days are of benefit; or will he realize that it is national mistake;
  • — will the patient who has thrown off 25 v-g regard it as deliberate managing of health and free comfortably if being asked “What’s happened?”, “Are you sick?”

Have you ever ponder over the question why are so many specialists engaged in the extra weight problem? Why do so many methods against extra weight exist?

And there are many of them since extra weight is not only the result of the food behavior pathology. Medicines prefer to prefer the vector of the client’s consciousness in the direction of treatment and regard extra weight as the most complicated psychosomatic pathology, that the reasons are being inside every cell, in organs, in the endocrine system, in the tempo of the basic exchange, in being genetically in dined to have extra weight, in the stomach’s anatomy in the reflexes of the food behavior, in the famine’s (hunger’s) centres, in deep directives to the attitude to the meals and giving to food mystic qualities.

With such a “medical attitude” to extra weight do you think it is possible by means of only one method or séance to change it all.

Out of this point we can see so many methods which orient consciousness vector of client in the directions of the decease’s treatment (information of pain, suffering, deceases) but not in the direction of the information: “to be in form, health, beauty, joy, love”.

In the whole world fatness is being acknowledged as psychosomatic decease (i. e. when physical condition is linked with the condition of mind). And by this we already know that the effectiveness of the treatment of the widespread deceases according to data of the World Health Organization Protection is only 5–10 %. That’s why it is recommended by WHO for physicians not “to treat deceases” but “to design health”, and “the medicine of deceases” must be turned out into “the medicine of health”. It means for physicians the necessity to direct the vector of consciousness of the clients not to decease but to the health. The site of WOHP reads such recommendations: it is proposed integrative conception of the medicine’s development, the basic idea of which is a such that in XXI century medicine must be transitioned from “protection-defense” positions to the “social “constructional” linked with the creation of the health itself and active longevity of people. The role of physicians must be principally changed. From that one who “treats deceases” he must become “designer of health” and the “medicine of deceases” must be turned out into “medicine of health”.

By consciousness, thoughts, feelings we are continued into the nature, it’s laws. Bhudda says: “Every thing that we are is the result of out thoughts”. Millions of the evolution’s years our cells-organism body were brought up in the unbreakable connection with the nature. If we had lived in a wood, than we would have constantly strengthened our sensitive experience (as the children do to 2 years) with the natural energetic norm by sight, by taste, by smell. As today we live more in cities it is necessary for us to know already and to follow by memory the guiding lines of the physiological norm.

Today, making the choice to think as the nature and it’s laws do with the support (basis) on the knowledge (information) allows us knowingly occupy our “to be in the form” healthy and fine place in the nature, accept active competent position in managing our health. From this the thesis: one needs to study health, study to manage the health. Today the knowledge about the health are being taught to children at schools, and exist in the programs of the lifelong teaching of adults. We live in the way we think. If we know the subject of the health excellently, we’ will excellent health, norm of figure and body’s weight. But, unfortunately nobody tried to solve the problem out of the recommendations of the WOHP and this conception.

And I dare state: that there has not been get such a methodic, which fully too into consideration majority of factors of the extra weight: from the lower – cell to the higher-consciousness, spirit.

That’s why when one busy oneself only with body then spirit and could suffer inevitably, but when one applies only treatment – psychotherapy that suffers body. And when we treat without acknowledgement of the learning’s, education’s teaching’s priority than the result will not last long, and extra weight is coming back. Teaching allows to achieve mutual understanding between client and the specialist in the common sphere of the knowledge’s light by the result’s achievement.

I’d like to Pay Special Attention.

If a client does not realize his result is not able to describe if in his her own words the “mistakes (errors) of the intellect” are being preserved: it is like mistakes in the Russian language or therapy that will be relived at the body’s level. And then the Forees opposite to the growing thin awake and the weight is collected again. However at the beginning client wishes to be treated, relieved from the extra substance of fat get thin.

If the consciousness’ vector is directed to the treatment than one can make conclusion that the complex problem (that is fatness) needs both: complex treatment and complex approach. And here for the problem’s solving in the volume 5–10 %. I took everything better that allows to change deep strategy of the food behavior and to grow thin enriching oneself by the energy of unconscious. Besides, this psychotherapy changes attitude to meals, changing sensitive and emotional respond in the attitude to harmful but favourable before products and allows to get thin comfortably.

Very important: For the extra weight as the transgression of the psychosomatic harmony (i. e. the harmony of managing body by means of psych, consciousness, spirit, piece with oneself; piece with these who surround you, piece with the world it is necessary to take into consideration the sources and laws of it’s development and liquidate (immediately) (all!) causes that lead to the extra weight appearance. To liquidate (immediately) (all!) means in a moment that can be achieved by the immediateness of managing the light of knowledge, vivid association, teaching, studying. And one of the reasons is ignorance that you yourself must study to be healthy; study how to manage health and your weight.

Proceeding from this the agreement is being signed it is prohibited to use treatment separately without studying according to the demands of the integrative medicine, for instance: psychotherapeutic or only medicament treatment even being mighty can not all by themselves be effective and this means that they will not give the result fat person dreamt of. To grow thin without complications both from the body and from psyche is allowed only by complex studying and treatment.

The studying starts from the receiving of knowledge on health, shills to manage health, psychosomatic harmonization, correction of the psychological strategies of the food behavior by means of the psychotherapy. We’ve taken into consideration here that not every method of the psychotherapy can exert influence upon all reasons (causes) of the excessive propensity for meals. Since there are traditions, hospitability, psychologically pleasant sense of the fact that quality of the communication is improved by the so called appetizing table there is also deep pleasant feeling: to seem to be good, kind treating together with to be significant and fine received being treated plainer speaking: you are kind if you treat people, and in case you are treated it is done because you are kind.

What can one here be cured of? From what can one be coded?

How long should the therapy by different methods for instance by means of neurolinguistics programming be to overcome the pressure of the society. Giving here priority to studying we are solving this problem without any hesitations, being not engaged into indirect teaching in the kind of treatment.

The rational eidetic psychotherapy and the trans-active analysis assist here too.

In the case when a person used to get pleasure from meals, t. i., when rich meals relaxed, calmed the meditative and hypnosis’ therapy would be the best methods. But when the nervousness from the unfullfilment of deep (laid in the subronsciousness in childhood psycho-programms appears (“do eat to the finish, girl”) when the health is associated with the fatness, and the fatness is associated with welfare, when such terms as pale, sickly are subconseiously meant “thin” than trans-active method operates well. When a fat one belongs to “the community of plates” and his satiation centre is switched on late than the coding will be the most effective method.

If a person heightened food motivation because of psychological mechanisms of imitation, identity one should apply neurolinguistics programming. If the appetite is increased often stresses than psychosynthesis and transactive analysis will be helpful. Hunger sense can be suppressed with the hypnosis and coding.

Integrative complex method of teaching + treatment applied to every kind of a client leaves no chances to the old food strategies. With such an approach client learns to ménage health and finds the suppression of hunger too, he she widens consciousness, gets control over the energy psychiatric put lings directed on the overeating, changes his her attitude to harmful but favourable for him her products. All this gives opportunity to get satisfaction both: from the process of the weight reduction itself (since starts to believe in him her self, in his her own forces and his her own dignity) is aroused, and from the fact that the weight remains stable after the course’s ending since the tasks of the “Health Designer” are to teach to manage the health, weight and to tread person from extra weight and his or her deliverance from the painful fear to lose “precious slenderness” which heshe has achieved.

That’s why the consultations and séances on the weight’s stabilization after the client’s desirable result are foreseen.

Simultaneously with this, person takes in special remedies for the fat change correction, for the improvement substances’ albuminous change, activity of the “energetic stations” of mitochondrions cells, from the companies-producers that have high degree of trust of specialists and responses from people. Person also gets all necessary amino-acids, polynonsatureted fat-acids, vitamins, microelements, catalysts of the oxidize – restored processes that have influence on the changing tempos of exe hanging processes that stimulate protective functions and immunity defending from a stresses and infections on the way to reduce weight and the means that speed up sense of saturation.

Hundreds of necessary for every cell, organ, organism and psyche ingredients every one of which effectively operates on it’s own level are being in the preparation of accompaniment to teaching and treatment picked up from the natural vegetative and animals’ components. Samples from the preparations for the “Health Designer” are being from different firms, choosing only optimally better and favorable for client.

The having worked out program responds to all demands of the integrative medicine, to complex approach of teaching treatment; with the lowering of weight qualitative and quantitative indicators of health are improved, to the demands of the health improvement responds the course of the psychosomatic harmonization, that not only eliminates non favorable food habits but also releases, unloads unconscious from the painful directives.

The instruction in new methods of the “Health Designer” against extra weight.

The method can be used by the people without medical education. By this the method has reviews and recommendations from leading medical authorities.

Especially profitable is to use ideology and methodology of the health’s designing for distributors who teach their clients to manage and create health by means of their production of health and beauty. Your clients now will have opportunity to connect their choice of the health’s goods with the authority of the integrative medicine ideology and methodology. Integrative complex method “Health Designer” is against extra weight.

Integrative complex method “Health Designer” is against deceases’ spreading.

The method “Health Designer” against extra weight is recommended by the All Ukrainian association of integrative psychosomatic medicine, by the “Slavonic clinic”, by the academician doctor of the medical sciences, professor, head of the department of the sinology of Kiev’s academy of the afterdiploma education of physicians named after Shupik G. L. Apanasenko, by the department of the valeology of Charkov’s national university named after Karasin; the method entered the first in Russia and the whole post soviet area monographic, devoted to the ideology and methodology of the XXI century’s health protection – i. e. integrative medicine under editor ship of the academician of the Russian Academy of the Medical Sciences (RAMS) A. V. Shabrov, the author is d. of m. s. prof. of the Russian Military Medical Academy, head of the “Integrative medicine” section of St. Petersburg society of the therapeutics named after S. P. Botkin – S. A. Partsernyak (by) the responses of thousands of clients who have passed the method. The positive trait of the method is easy of access and intelligibility of it to everybody. We invite to study method “Health Designer” against extra weight and the diseases’ spreading, certificate, license of the Ministry of Health Protection, photos, disks, ads. reels, cathamnesis of the clients who have been keeping the stable weight for 5–10 years.

The teaching is led by the author of the method Vladimir Savelievich Pivovarchuk, doctor psychotherapeutic, pedagog-valeologist, vice-president of the All Ukrainian association of the integrative psychosomatic medicine.

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